Born in Italy, Sheila Concari lives and works in Paris.
Her visual vocabulary is rooted in both visual and acoustic arts. Expressed through hybridization and transposition, it embraces widely diverse forms of aesthetic expression, from writing and drawing to installation, video, sound and vocal media.
She builds bridges between those multiple disciplines, drawing on a wide range of sources: painters like Hieronymus Bosch and the Italian Mannerists, poets like William Blake, avant-garde movements such as Surrealism and Futurism, as well as mythology and alchemy.    These are the origins of her polymorphous universe. Her early work is deeply influenced by August Strindberg and Antonin Artaud, with one of her favorite subjects being the ambiguity of dreams. Fascinated by the phenomena of metamorphosis and transformation, she explores the borderlines between human, animal and vegetal nature, echoing in certain ways the Latin poet Ovid. Her quest for Paradise, in which she breaks down the boundaries of reality, is nourished by her reinterpretation of ancestral symbols and her personal investigation of unconscious fears. Although the themes are diverse, as are the locations, which include radio networks, and the technical resources used, her work is always recognizable. Rather than using conventional narrative frameworks, she tells her stories in a deconstructed way, invading the environment with a fantastic world of anthropomorphic creatures playing in sensual and amusing dreams, with a stream of visual and acoustic rituals.

And always with a subtle sense of humor.