“… and one day we will discover that there were no human beings but only snakes ”

« …et un jour nous decouvrerons qu'il n'y avait pas des êtres humains mais que de serpents… »
« …e un giorno scopriremo che non c'erano esseri umani ma solo serpenti… »
“… y un día descubriremos que no habían seres humanos sino serpientes…”

by Sh.C.

Femme Moustique

Femme Moustique, dessin, ink on Arches watercolor paper cm. 70x100

« Sheila is called to a new incarnation: the hated mosquito. She turns into the unwanted creature maintained cautiously away from the world.  Without being able to satisfy her desire for motherhood. Moving images combining partial views of her body to black ink drawings, caress the bitterness of walls, following vault ribs, crawl on the floor, while lyrics that the artist whispers, lullabies for dormant larvae, rustle in the dark. Those are maybe the incantations of an insect woman who believes that she’ll discover in madness the only escape from loneliness. »

Mosquito Woman by Claude d'Anthenaise

She Bird

frames from “she bird” - video

« …and the bird woman left her eggs in hollow nests… »
by Sh.C.

Same Race

Same Race, ink on Arches watercolor paper, cm. 70x100