Emmanuelle Riva
in Medusa Suite show

A dry poetic language, rough and dreamy. A myth, transformed into a sensual and intellectual vision. A spiritual and physical journey through the soul. A work that transcends genre boundaries. Corporeal and stylized, impetuous and ethereal, made of stone and water, immanence and transcendence, the life that is protean, enveloping, monstrous. Sheila Concari, who is not only a writer, but also a video artist, gifts the readers with a real project (which also involved the immense Emmanuelle Riva) a particularly successful concept art album, a large and whole synesthesia, which involves all the emotions, which has its roots in the classical myth and also recalls the correspondences with Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Apollinaire, surprises, fascinates and destabilizes, confirming one more time that the language of art is universal, and by symbols speak to each one according to the sensitivity of eternal and universal themes such as love and death, power and pain, what we have always known but we, proud and insignificant mankind, have not still been able to completely understand.

by Gabriele Ottaviani