Marked by singular literary or artistic figures (Strindberg, Artaud, Maar, Zürn ...), questioning neurotic wanderings in a falsely obsessive way, Sheila Concari develops a personal practice inspired by shamanism. She has staged herself as a wolf-woman, a bird-woman or a mosquito-woman.
Through « Medusa Suite » the artist invests one of the most tragic figures of mythology and again instills fear of the feminine. Femme fatale, the petrifying and castrating gorgon is also the victim of a destiny which makes her give birth, the blood of her decapitation, the double fruit of a rape: her children Chrysaor and Pegasus on whom a mother’s glance will never arise.
Sheila Concari calls for the spectators beholding as a substitute for this absent look as an artistic series in perpetual mutation.

by Raphaël Abrille


Déroulement, ink and pencil on tracing paper, mt. 20 x 1,10

This series of drawings is at the origin of the complex work developed around the myth of the Gorgon. The words and images in mixed pictorial technique are inscribed along different rolls of tracing paper: a kind of visual litany that unfolds its evocative powers. The stories intersect along a tentacle that connects Medusa to his killer Perseus, and Perseus to his mother Danae, to the rain of gold from Zeus who fecundated her.

Emmanuelle Riva in Medusa Suite show

« …The strength of the myths still comes out from their images and dreams. That’s what we feel after having been seduced by the refined Medusa Suite performance, staged by Sheila Concari at Il Funaro in Pistoia, starring the stunning Emmanuelle Riva . The signs and drawings by the artist and author flowing on the stage, outweighed the audience into the whirlwinds of monstrous tentacles between the man and the animal… »

by Claudia Provvedini, Corriere della sera

My skins

Green Medusa, python skin, acrylic, resin