She Wolf Suite

acrylic and gouache on paper, cm. 21x27

Sheila Concari has not grown up with a pack of wolves but, both her familiarity and understanding of the lupine world is deep.
Constructing her works as imaginary stories she manages her matter through sound creations, films, drawings, books, performances, all those single parts running as the elements of a personal mythology which intertwines troubling connections between the mythology of animal and that of the artist. She plunges us straight into the depths of the unconscious and dreams, a secret world that involves memory and childhood reminiscences. Small headed wolf character inscriptions, voices appear in her films, as well as disappearing and resonating in the staircase where the film is projected.
It’s the flowing, motionless, constant and repetitive work of a memory quickly swept away by the tide. The scansion of images and sounds in the fragile vibrating light, lead to a fantasy world where childhood fears of a haunted night constantly resurface. These fabulous small creatures, between man and beast, populate the good luck tarot cards that the artist has placed with the bathroom lady at the Avignon Castle. Wolf, who’s always polite accompanied by Sheila, here becomes a guardian spirit or a magical mediator. He embodies the spirit of nature in a primary and playful pleasant relationship.

by Véronique Baton, art historian